2001 marine Times
Honorable Mentions

Sergeant Nicole Boone

MCLB Albany

Sgt. Boone is a role model in her commitment both to the Corps and to her family. In a demanding position as purchasing and contract specialist, she has attained an exceptionally high level of competence while learning everything on the job. "She never says no" and she's the "go-to person in the office," say her colleagues. "No matter what task, she never complains and always comes up with a plan," comments one superior. Displaying this tireless energy and dedication on the job would be enough for anyone, but Boone takes it one step further, earning a 3.9 average in college and managing five young children at home. As her colleagues say, "she has an extraordinary capacity for performing balancing acts." In her spare time, Sgt. Boone collects second-hand clothing and distributes it to needy families in the Albany area. "This is definitely the caliber Marine we look for," says a colleague.

Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Cole

MCAS Miramar

At his base, Gunnery Sgt. Cole is called the "man behind the curtain" and "the one with the knowledge." He is a leader who sets a daily example for his Marines with his profound job knowledge and dedication to his aircraft maintenance work. His consistent encouragement and impartial decision-making skills allow Marines to acquire self-confidence and team confidence. He holds everyone to the same standards he applies to himself, inspiring and impressing all those around him. As one subordinate says, "he personally ensures mission accomplishment, often sacrificing his own personal time." Gunnery Sgt. Cole is widely admired and respected by all Marines who come in contact with him. Another colleague says Cole is a "Marine who greatly improves the condition of the lives he touches with the strength of his character and heart." Gunnery Sgt. Christopher Cole is the type of person who makes you proud to be a Marine.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Roger Wiley

Recruit Station

When there's a challenge, Master Gunnery Sgt. Roger Wiley is a Marine who is up to it. Since he took over the Military Entrance Processing Station, the total attrition rate dropped tremendously. He initiated a recruit training brief that led to significantly higher quality recruits, ensuring that the most motivated, informed and capable young men and women enter the Corps. In doing so, Wiley reduced the number of erroneous enlistments, cut recruit training attrition, and sliced discrepancies. The training brief he created has been described as "awesome" by his colleagues, and by better qualifying the recruits he ships off to boot camp, he has saved the Marine Corps untold thousands of dollars in training costs. "Just be the professional Marine you are," says Wiley, "and recruit to that caliber." Master Gunnery Sgt. Wiley demonstrates the kind of commitment to excellence that is at the heart of what it is to be a Marine.