2001 navy Times
Honorable Mentions

David Frederick

Naval Air Station

Many children in Kosovo mistake small munitions for toys. Some of them have been injured and others killed while playing with live munitions. Petty Officer David Frederick greatly enhanced the humanitarian effort in Kosovo by providing Unexploded Ordinance recognition/awareness training to nearly 5,000 Kosovar school children. Now instead of playing with munitions, children now report found objects to the local police or to an American soldier. The number of injuries from accidental explosions has been greatly reduced. Along with a local chaplain, his wife Justine, and his command, Petty Officer Frederick also began a Christmas-time mission to collect, sort and deliver winter clothing and toys to needy Albanian and Serbian children. Petty Officer David Frederick is a sailor who cares and makes a difference.

Senior Chief Glenn Arrington

Senior Chief Glenn Arrington is known for his integrity, dedication and knowledge of the job and his concern for sailors. As one colleague summarized: "We struck up a conversation over some hot coffee. The topic turned to having faith in our sailors. Glenn told me something that I will always remember. He said, 'the key to developing people is to catch them doing something right.' What a powerful management concept! Unfortunately, at that time I had a genius for catching people doing things wrong. Glenn recommended that I spend at least several hours each week just wandering around the facility catching people doing things right. From that point on, I remembered to give praise immediately, make it specific, and encourage my sailors to keep up the good work." "Everyone looks up to him," said one supervisor. Setting high standards, having faith in sailors, confidence in their abilities and concern for their welfare - these are leadership characteristics that Senior Chief Glenn Arrington embodies.

MN2 Sheena Thetford

Naval Air Station

On a daily basis Petty Officer Sheena Thetford demonstrates her outstanding commitment to both the Navy and her community. She's not afraid of a challenge and performs a wide range of duties with the utmost competence. Her naval duties include training coordinator, crime prevention coordinator, supply petty officer, departmental HAZMAT/HAZWASTE coordinator, safety petty officer, work request liaison and community relations liaison. Her colleagues say she takes on urgent and needed responsibilities without fanfare or complaint. If you need something done on this base, Thetford's supervisors say, "she is the go-to person who takes charge of anything… you don't have to tell her anything twice." Contributions to her community include work on Red Ribbon Week, where she arranged for a drug dog demonstration and drug awareness education for more than 1,200 school children. She also initiated the city of Kingsville's first-ever Child Passenger Safety Seat Check-up Day, replacing dangerous seats and educating the public. Petty Officer Sheena Thetford exemplifies the best the Navy has to offer.