2002 army Times
Honorable Mentions

Sergeant John Storm

Fort Myer

As part of the primary response force in the recovery of remains from the Pentagon tragedy of 9/11, Sergeant John Storm was at the forefront of the relief efforts, coming in off leave and working hand-in-hand with the FBI to locate and remove the remains of victims. He was completely dedicated and committed to this difficult task, working tirelessly for two months to ensure the proper dignity and respect was given to each of the fallen. In the Army for just over three years, Storm distinguished himself by fast tracking to the rank of Sergeant. In true Army NCO tradition, Sgt. Storm constantly strives to put his fellow soldiers' needs first while ensuring that the mission is accomplished. Even among his elite unit assignment, the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, the "Old Guard," Sgt. Storm is consistently singled out for his exceptional professional and personal qualities. "He's a model soldier, a real example," says one fellow soldier. "He's a keeper, the kind of NCO the Army needs," said one of his commanding officers. Sgt. Storm is a fine example of the superior quality of men and women serving in today's Army.

Sergeant First Class James Penton

Sergeant First Class James Penton is committed to helping others be "all they can be." He is a strong motivating force within the Warrior Preparation Center, the joint Army/Air Force simulation training center in Europe. He has developed a high-performance team of Army and Air Force personnel who flawlessly support over 20 war gaming events, including training of over 10,000 U.S. military and NATO warriors and five sophisticated Department of Defense simulation models. Sgt. 1st Class Penton reaches across service boundaries, mentoring and counseling both Army and Air Force personnel. "He makes better people, and he makes better soldiers," said a member of his command. A fellow NCO at this command said, "he's the driving force behind this place." An Air Force colleague remarked, "the whole squadron thinks he's golden." Sgt. 1st Class Penton has received superior ratings in the demanding Battle Staff Course, and he graduated from the Advanced NCO Course on the Commandant's List, while receiving the Leadership, Professionalism, and Iron Man awards. Even with his complete dedication to the mission and his troops, Sgt. 1st Class Penton makes time to help in the community, volunteering with the Special Olympics, as well as youth and school programs. By showing extraordinary commitment and leadership, Sgt. 1st Class Penton sets an example to soldiers everywhere.

Lieutenant Colonel Seth Gahr