2002 marine Times
Honorable Mentions

Staff Sergeant Dana Ogle

Headquarters Marine Corps

On Sept. 11th, Staff Sergeant Dana Ogle had just finished her shift in the Intelligence section of the Headquarters Marine Corps when the terrorists struck. She was the first enlisted Marine back on duty when it was unknown if more terror attacks would take place. Disregarding her own safety, she ensured the Intelligence Analyst section was up and running in less than 2 hours after the assault on the Pentagon. In response to the attacks, the Intel section expanded from seven to 24 people and it was her duty to get the newly assigned "up to speed" and assimilated into two 24-hour watch teams. Staff Sgt. Ogle then became a watch team NCO. She remained on 24-hour duty for a week straight, and refused to leave until ordered to get some rest. She continued to work for several months without taking any time off, putting in long hours and extra effort. Her calm demeanor, precise analytical skills, and good humor during the tense and developing situation contributed immeasurably to the section's smooth operation. Staff Sgt. Ogle personifies the spirit, leadership and dedication it takes to be a Marine. Semper Fi.

Sergeant Jared Anderson

MCLB Barstow

Sergeant Jared Anderson is a role model to Marines in his dedication, energy and leadership. He is a highly versatile Marine, performing two key roles, both as platoon sergeant and as COMSEC Technician, where he also supervises 23 civilian personnel. He's extremely well regarded for dedication to his people and his job knowledge. "He is highly motivated and he truly cares about both the Marines and civilians in his charge," says one supervising officer. "He is a strong-willed, reliable Marine who sets high standards and achieves them," said another superior. Sgt. Anderson encourages and inspires his Marines to be leaders, to take the initiative. "Don't tell me what you know... show me," says Sgt. Anderson. He is widely respected and admired by his Marines and all who come in contact with him. "He's someone we look up to as an example of what a Marine should be," says one of his men. Off duty, Sgt. Anderson is highly involved in his community, engaging in local youth activities and volunteering at Veteran's facilities. Drawing upon his continuing studies in business management, he also volunteered to serve as a base-wide tax counselor. "He's a people person, and his enthusiasm is contagious," said one senior NCO. Sgt. Anderson is a fine example of "the few, the proud, the Marines."

Gunnery Sergeant Joe Webb

MCB Camp Pendleton

Gunnery Sergeant Joe Webb embodies and projects the finest qualities, virtues and characteristics of a Marine leader. He manages the inventory, repair, component overhaul and testing for 3 different engine types for 200+ assigned helicopters. As a result of his skill, Marine Aircraft Group 39 - the largest MAG in the Corps in terms of assigned aircraft - posted the highest average readiness and maintenance productivity in the Corps over the last 12 months. Although his technical accomplishments alone are worthy of praise, Gunnery Sgt. Webb's real forte is as a leader of Marines. The Marines under his charge are almost reverential in their respect and admiration of him. "He's simply the best NCO in the Marine Corps," said one. "If he says the moon is made of cheese, you better get the crackers out," said another, adding, "No matter what he asks, I'd follow him anytime, anywhere." Gunnery Sgt. Webb's leadership is a product of his energy, passion, commitment and genuine caring. One superior officer said "his commitment to his Marines is boundless, and his selflessness is tempered only by the finite hours in a day. My words, unfortunately, cannot adequately capture this remarkable person and Marine who is Gunny Webb." In addition to his regular duties, Gunnery Sgt. Webb also volunteers for many on-base and community activities, such as practice promotion boards for all base Marines, local holiday youth events and Mess Nights for this battalion-sized command. For the excellence of his performance, his commitment to the Corps and his dedication to the concerns, needs and guidance of his Marines, Gunnery Sgt. Joe Webb makes you proud to be a Marine. Semper Fi, Gunny Webb!