2003 navy Times
Honorable Mentions

Machinist Mate 2nd Class Christian Garcia

USS Pasadena (SSN 752), Pearl Harbor

When most people are sleeping, Petty Officer 2nd Class Christian Garcia is working to help others. He woke up at 4 a.m., rode his bicycle 10 miles (he was without a car), to voluntarily run a physical training program for his command to bring his shipmates within Navy physical fitness standards. And his colleagues say he works late hours and performs to the highest standards. Petty Officer Garcia "has been an inspiration to all who work with him, his pride in the uniform and professionalism in all areas makes him a pleasure to be around," according to one of his shipmates. Petty Officer Garcia has consistently ranked as one of the top three second-class petty officers in his command and has held several top collateral duties normally assigned to first-class petty officers. He graduated from the Navy's scuba diver school and is one of only three people in the entire command who are Navy divers. As a quality assurance inspector, he is ahead of nearly twenty more senior personnel. "He won the 2002 Fourth Quarter Submarine Squadron Seven junior mechanic award out of a possible 700 eligible sailors from seven subs in the squadron – that's GREAT stuff," said his former supervisor. He has volunteered to run the command's Navy relief fund drive and Combined Federal Campaign fund drive. On top of all of that, although he's a young sailor with five years experience, he still saves enough money to send some home to his sister to help her with school expenses.

"For a single guy who could be running around with other guys, he chooses to be mature and volunteer to help others. That's why he is assigned responsibilities associated with higher ranks," his supervisor wrote. "The unselfishness involved in the caring of and concern for others is not a part of his job, yet he does it when his regular job keeps him busy enough during a normal day." By showing his extraordinary commitment and leadership, Petty Officer Garcia sets an example for sailors everywhere.

Aviation Support Equipment Technician 1st Class Mark Farley

Naval Station

Petty Officer 1st Class Mark Farley excels at whatever he does, from striving for quality control at his naval station to dedicating his free time to coordinate community activities. Petty Officer Farley is a superb manager with the proven ability to successfully supervise the functions and activities of others while surpassing command objectives and ensuring optimum operational readiness. As the naval station's aviation intermediate maintenance unit's production control leading petty officer, Petty Officer Farley was the driving force behind the processing of 15,376 items over the last year, including 244 critical F/A-18 engines and modules. That number exceeded Commander, Fleet Air Mediterranean's goals by 22 percent. His senior NCO said, "during my 20+ years of experience and wide range of duties, I've never met or known anyone that has performed at his level in so many facets. He is the type of sailor our Navy needs to lead us through the 21st century." Petty Officer Farley's abilities led to his nomination for the 2002 CINCNAVEUR Leadership Award for outstanding leadership and NAVSTA Rota's Senior Sailor of the Year Award.

"Not only is he superbly performing the duties normally assigned to a higher rank, but he has been a dynamic and active contributor in all aspects of the local community, off and on base," says his supervisor. "Bottom line…if I wasn't a direct witness, I wouldn't believe anyone could sustain his performance." Petty Officer Farley gets actively involved with his local community. The annual inter-cultural celebration involving over six thousand US and Spanish nationals has been a success during his tour at Rota because of the many hours he dedicates to the details. Other times of the year his volunteer hours are devoted to youth sports, a local orphanage and elementary school. Petty Officer Farley is a fine example of the superior quality of the men and woman serving in today's Navy.