2005 coastguard Times
Honorable Mentions

AST1 Eric Biehn

Coast Guard Air Station

Eric Biehn remembers the rescue as if it were yesterday. A father and his two children, fishing from a jetty near Coos Bay, Ore., became stranded by the rising tide. Heavy surf made a ground rescue impossible. It was up to Biehn to save them.

"It's the only case I've ever ... had involving kids, and it sticks with me," Biehn said. The children and their dad have Biehn to thank for their lives, as do numerous fishermen, boaters and swimmers from the Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes.

Biehn runs his air station's survival shop gear room, serves as his unit's health promotion coordinator and volunteers as a swim coach and fitness trainer for fellow service members.

His career goals include making master chief so he can broaden his leadership skills.

BM3 Olivia Morphis

Special Missions Warfare Training Center, Camp Lejeune

When Olivia Morphis was put on light duty for a medical condition, she could have eased her work schedule and taken a seat behind a desk. Instead, she volunteered to fix small boats in the engineering shop of her unit, the Special Missions Warfare Training Center in Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Morphis is a five-year Coast Guard veteran. As an SMTC instructor, she teaches navigation and aggressive boat tactics to Coast Guard personnel and Navy mobile security forces.

But for the past year, she has worked in the engineering shop as well. She often is seen as the "face of the Coast Guard" around south eastern North Carolina, doing volunteer work and helping local retirees. She is also working toward a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.