2005 navy Times
Honorable Mentions

AT2 Tiffany Warren

Naval Air Facility

Tiffany Warren makes the most of her time, on duty or off.

On the job in the air traffic control division at Naval Air Facility El Centro, Calif., Warren helped train five fellow sailors in various air traffic controller jobs, all while studying for her own qualifications and working her own air traffic controller shifts.

She also voluntarily helped review the air traffic control division's operating manuals.

On her own time, she stays extremely busy in a variety of volunteer roles in her local community. Warren said she decided after reporting to El Centro, her first duty station, that she would contribute her time wherever she could - as a sailor or a citizen.

"I just think it's something we owe to the community and the military, to give back," she said.

CTI2 Casey Tibbs

Casey Tibbs could have given up on a Navy career when he lost a foot in a motorcycle accident in 2001. But he successfully petitioned to stay in the Navy and "just made myself go back to being a regular sailor," he said.

An athlete since high school, Tibbs trained six days a week to qualify for the 2004 Paralympics in Athens, Greece, where he won a gold medal in the 4x100 meter relay and a silver medal in the P44 pentathlon.

When he returned from Athens in November, Tibbs looked for a new challenge - so he applied for an analyst billet in Afghanistan. He deployed in March. Although he brought an extra prosthetic leg, he said he's treated just like everyone else.

"I don't walk with a limp. I can run, and no one gave me any fuss," he said.