2006 airforce Times
Honorable Mentions

Master Sgt. Jennifer Anderson

735th Air Mobility Squadron, Hickam Air Force Base

When Master Sgt. Jennifer Anderson arrived at her new unit in Hawaii, she formed a "dream team" and led a unit inspection program that took her flight's rating from "satisfactory" to "outstanding" in 90 days, the first such rating for the flight.

She rewarded team members by putting them in for a commander's award, which they received.

Anderson is "a selfless leader" and volunteer in the community, said Chief Master Sgt. Johnny Hollis. When one of Anderson's airmen became worried because she hadn't heard from her family living in the area hit by Hurricane Katrina last year, Anderson organized a car wash that raised $4,500 to benefit hurricane victims.

She also led the local chapter of the Airlift/Tanker Association and volunteered at the Hawaii Foodbank.

Master Sgt. Troy Lundquist

4th Air Support Operations Group

Master Sgt. Troy Lundquist, working as a quick reaction force controller in Afghanistan last year, rushed close-air support to help soldiers when their helicopter was hit by enemy fire. His swift response allowed the helicopter to be recovered and the soldiers' infiltration mission to continue.

On his deployment, Lundquist taught emergency close-air support to more than 200 troops from five countries.

When Lundquist saw that a fellow NCO was breaking down professionally and personally, he encouraged the NCO, made sure he had counseling, adjusted his workload and helped restore the NCO to his unit.

At his base in Italy, Lundquist mentored junior high and high school students, volunteered as a sports umpire and hosted an Independence Day celebration for Italians in his village.