2007 coastguard Times
Honorable Mentions

Yeoman 2nd Class Jacqueline Rocklage

Integrated Support Command

When a senior chief yeoman unexpectedly left her unit, Yeoman 2nd Class Jacqueline Rocklage stepped up and took over a range of tasks normally performed by more experienced Coast Guardsmen, her shipmates say.

And she did it with a good attitude while setting a good example, wrote one teammate. "Her work ethic far exceeds her peers and (she) is always looked upon as a mentor and an outstanding future leader," the shipmate wrote. "She remains positive and upbeat even when she under incredible pressure from within this office as well as her outside responsibilities and collateral duties."

Her colleagues praised her work as a morale builder; Rocklage has coordinated spaghetti lunches, Seattle Mariners game outings, bake sales and more, they said.

"She oozes the core values," one officer wrote. "Anyone who deals with her, even ... briefly, can see she is a model Coastie."

Marine Science Technician 2nd Jessica Watts

Coast Guard Sector-Boston

The marine environment off the Massachusetts coast could have no better champion than Marine Science Technician 2nd Class Jessica Watts, her superiors and shipmates say.

"She has earned a reputation for reliability and established herself as one of the best pollution investigators and facility inspectors in the unit," one officer wrote.

She "acted decisively" when responding to a 20,000-gallon diesel oil spill, another officer wrote, and, after a second, 18,000-gallon spill, Watts "directed the immediate response and ensured the recovery of more than 70 percent of the oil, protecting the environment and salvaging the Coast Guard's vital relationship with the community."

She also prevented at least one other oil spill, having identified substandard equipment at an oil facility near Boston and making sure it was replaced to ease the environmental risk.

"She is extremely hardworking, intelligent and innovative and always takes on more than her share to make our unit the best it can be," an officer wrote.