2007 navy Times
Honorable Mentions

IT1 Latrice Drayton

USS Enterprise USS Enterprise CVN-65

Information Systems Technician 1st Class Latrice Drayton is "nothing less than outstanding," wrote one chief in a nomination for Drayton, calling her one of the best first-class petty officers he's seen in his 17-year Navy career.

"A poster-perfect sailor," wrote another.

In addition to successfully overseeing her team and a budget of $225,000, Drayton is president of the ship's Morale, Welfare and Recreation team, and is renowned for orchestrating the aircraft carrier Enterprise's Christmas party, finding ways to accommodate more than 4,000 families. "This, in itself is amazing," wrote one shipmate.

Also amazing, her shipmates wrote, was her dedication to mentoring junior sailors new to the Navy and the carrier: "She has proven herself an exemplary leader who is always ready to listen and provide timely, insightful guidance to her junior sailors."

SK1 Robert Lipscomb

Blue Angels Navy Flight Demo. Sqdn.

Storekeeper 1st Class Robert S. Lipscomb was selected to be the first ever full-time support storekeeper for the Blue Angels squadron, a selection that recognized what supervisors and shipmates agreed was his outstanding service at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove, Pa.

"His professionalism, concern for subordinates and commitment to the community are, simply stated, unmatched," wrote one supervisor.

Lipscomb's accomplishments were extensive: "He just does not stop!" one shipmate wrote. In addition to supporting more than 1,100 reservists at Willow Grove and managing a $1.73 million budget, Lipscomb coordinated anti-drug abuse lectures at Philadelphia-area schools.

Supervisors with his current unit praised Lipscomb's versatility. "In addition to his storekeeping duties, he must perform functions that are outside of his rate, such as servicing the Blue Angels aircraft by fueling them for shows or practices and helping ... to maintain the aircraft," one officer wrote. "He is a role model for other sailors to look up to and emulate."

A chief put it another way: "He has the energy and drive of a herd of stampeding cattle."