2012 coastguard Times
Honorable Mentions

BM1 James Koon

PSU 313
Married, father of a boy and girl.

Assigned to Port Security Unit 313 in Everett, Wash., Koon was instrumental in developing a new training program for the operations afloat division, as well as coordinating the arrival of six new transportable port security boat platforms. He regularly takes on extra missions at work, serving as the unit’s command drug and alcohol representative and the unit health coordinator, where he motivates staff to participate in a weekly group workout.

“As a supervisor, the best thing a member can be is incontrovertible, honest, trustworthy and forward-thinking,” said Lt. Monica Hernandez, his supervisor. “BM1 Koon demonstrates all these qualities and more.” Koon volunteers with the Camp Fire USA organization as an assistant den leader. He also assisted in leading a community garden project to teach children social skills and customer service.

Koon also participated in the Festival of Trees event at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where his daughter is a patient for a lifelong heart condition. The event, where people can bid on decorated Christmas trees, allows children to receive care regardless of a family’s ability to pay.