2001 Air Force Times
Technical Sergeant Brian Williams
Randolph AFB

RANDOLPH AFB, Texas - Dedication to Excellence. Outstanding Leadership. Concern and Compassion. Commitment and Contribution. These are just a few of the words that describe what Tech. Sgt. Brian Williams provides every day to both the Air Force and his community. In September 1995 Williams created a new program to raise the spirits of chronically ill children. His initiative, called "Pilot for a Day," utilizes simulators to allow these kids to fulfill their dream of being a pilot, at least for a day.

Initially, Williams funded the entire program out of his own pocket and handled all the considerable paperwork that was involved. This program has touched the lives of ailing children and their families in a most profound and meaningful way. One example involved a terminally ill little boy who was presented with his own customized flight suit to wear during his "Pilot for a Day" experience.

Williams' caring had such an impact on the boy that he asked to be buried in the flight suit. "It's all about making the kids happy…. If we can do anything to help these kids get their minds off their problems and see them smile, then it's all worth it," Williams says. His successful "Pilot for a Day" program has been replicated by other Air Force bases.

As a loadmaster instructor at Altus AFB, Brian Williams performs at the highest standards, demonstrating an exceptional base of knowledge and a superb ability to teach and deal with people. His commander says "there is only one C-17 expert in my book, and that's Brian."

"He is a fantastic teacher" say his supervisors. "He is incredibly energetic, just a fantastic guy," comments a colleague. By his example, Tech. Sgt. Brian Williams makes you proud to be an airman. He embodies the best qualities of the U.S. Air Force.