2001 Army Times
Sergeant Tennille Marquis

On an early morning after leaving physical training, Sgt. Marquis was traveling behind a car that swerved across two lanes of traffic and then ran into a ditch, finally rolling over three times before coming to a halt. Sgt. Marquis immediately stopped her car and ran to the accident site. Pulling the victim from the smoking car, she found that the injured driver, a young woman, was profusely bleeding from a gaping wound to the side of her head. Drawing on her Army first aid training, Sgt. Marquis knew she needed to apply pressure to the wound and used the only bandage she had available - the PT clothes she herself was wearing. Sgt. Marquis kept the accident victim alive despite the woman’s falling blood pressure. According to local police and emergency medical technicians, the woman would have died had it not been for the rescue efforts of Sgt. Marquis.

Friends say that,“Tennille Marquis is always the first to volunteer to help,” and she is known as a dependable, hard-working NCO who is always concerned for the welfare of soldiers. “She is a selfless leader and anything soldiers need, she is there for them” says her superior. On post, her captain praises her work as the NCOIC at the field renovations shop. “She has turned this shop into a first-class service for the post,” he says. “The shop is way above the standard and customer service is at a high.” Currently, Sgt. Marquis is working hard to get a degree by attending college nightly. As one of the post sergeants major says, “This is the kind of NCO we want to keep in the Army.”