2002 Marine Corps Times
Gunnery Sergeant Scott Pile

Serving with one of the largest companies in the Corps, with 800+ Marines, Gunnery Sergeant Scott Pile's leadership, knowledge and resourcefulness have gained him the respect and admiration of his Marines. "He's a motivator, a teacher, a role model Marine," said one member of his company. "He sets high standards of performance and provides an example to everyone," said another Marine. "A great, great NCO. The best," said a third.

In the immediate wake of the 9/11 attacks, GySgt Pile assembled the reaction force in the middle of the night to provide security for two camps aboard Okinawa. He quickly established liaison with all tenant commands to provide a force at the two camps to ensure security for 15,000+ service members and families. His quick thinking, leadership and keen sense of mission became the driving force that solidified security at a very uncertain time. He served as a unique source of stability and strength for young Marines to follow in those turbulent moments.

GySgt Pile applied for and was recently selected as one of the first Gunnery Sergeants to be accepted into the Command and Staff Distance Education Program, an officer-level program. As director of the Camp Butler Base Corporal's Leadership Course, he takes great interest in mentoring and guiding his Marines to make the most of their personal and professional potential. "He can always be seen in the barracks, talking to Marines about how to get ahead with their careers and make the best of their lives," said one of member of his company. He routinely orchestrates fundraisers on weekends to help Marines pay for books and assist with tuition.

GySgt Pile is actively engaged in his community, a founding member of the Camps Foster and Lester Association, a non-profit organization that serves as a tool to enhance the quality of life of both the military and local community. The board recently donated monies to a local Okinawan school for new playground equipment and scholarships for local military high school graduates. Through another of his initiatives, he developed an 'adopt a school' program involving 2 pre-schools, one on base and one within the local community. He directed the last 'Marine Corps Base Toys-for-Tots' drive garnishing $10,000+ worth of toys for needy children. GySgt Pile is deeply involved in youth sports programs, seeking to impart not just sports instruction but values and skills such as respect, teamwork and integrity. He directed logistics for 15 Marine Corps Birthday Ball ceremonies held at the two camps, as well as the 56th and 57th commemorative ceremonies of the Battle of Iwo Jima, involving veterans of that legendary battle, their families and tourists. A compassionate and caring leader of Marines, he regularly visits Marines admitted to the hospital to encourage them and lend a helping hand. "He has been rock solid in many desperate situations involving Marines and their families that required not only his leadership but also his inspiring voice," said one fellow NCO.

For outstanding leadership, for his exemplary dedication to the Corps, his fellow Marines and his community, GySgt Scott Pile is an outstanding role model for what it means to be a Marine.